What’s Stopping You? Try the Reedemer

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What’s Stopping You?

Good morning, everyone. Welcome to “Try Jesus!” If this is your first time joining us, it’s great to have you with us. I would like to thank all the new members for joining “Try Jesus.” Also welcome those in South Carolina, Alabama, California, and Indiana.

These are great times of waiting and trusting to see what God is going to do. We are told to wait on the Lord and be of good courage. We are told that all things work together for the good.

There are requirements to having peace when it seems there is no peace anywhere to be found. To trust God means we stop looking to the world and set our affections on things above and not on the earth, which is soon to perish.

Let’s cling to the only one who provides peace that passes all understanding. “Heavenly Father, thank you for watching over us this week with your great love and care. Tomorrow is never promised, but when fear tries to grip our lives, your promises are always yes and amen.

Lord, you are worthy of all our praise. You are the God who never fails to keep his promises. I thank you that in Jesus’ life, death and resurrection we see your love, justice, mercy, provision and victory. You are the God who lifts up those who are weighed down. 

As we gather today around your name, I pray that you would fill our hearts, our minds and our souls. Transform us Lord and make us more like you. May your powerful living word burn in hearts today. It’s in Jesus name, we pray, amen.”

Have you noticed recently that humans are having to make extreme choices for themselves and family members? Have you ever had to make hard deceive that affect you and your whole family?

When we drive or fly to many destinations, we always encounter signs that help push or steer us in the right direction. But these days it seems those signs are increasingly becoming harder to make.

Even with all the technology we have in helping us navigate through our country, it still pales in comparison to the guide we humans were given. Many people go aimlessly through life not seeing the dangers that are set before them.

It’s like road construction being set up in a community of blind people, and not informing them of changes that are taking place. But even with all the advanced traveling technology, people still find themselves lost and frustrated.

Decision making is no less complicated than it was 
100 years ago. Why? Because every time man (humans) take the lead in something, it never turns out well for the public. The world’s blueprint of success always ends in failure without God.

There are many examples of people choosing to follow the path of destruction over the path of life. Have you ever been undecided about making a decision that affected your whole family?

Did your family support you throughout the whole process, or did they jump ship on you and watch you drown in your own mistakes? Is it important to always have an alternate plan when tough deceive need to be made?

Last week I mentioned the word “boundaries.” Personal boundaries are guidelines, rules or limits that a person creates to identify reasonable, safe and permissible ways for other people to behave.

These selected boundaries towards others will produce a positive response or negative response when someone passes these limits. Many times, parents with little children living near dangerous roadways will set up playing boundaries to keep them safe.

But adults need to set up boundaries around their lives on a daily basis. God has told us from the very beginning the dangers that are ever present. The Bible is our spiritual blueprint and guide to help us navigate through sin and corruption in our country.

As soon as Adam and Eve were placed in the most beautiful garden on the face of this earth, there were instructions given. It was then up to Adam and Eve to follow those eternal life given plans. We have been blowing it ever since.

But God has not left us alone. He knew we would need his guiding influence along our life’s journey. Just as he led Israel through the wilderness and took care of them, he does the same for us today.

God’s word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path (Psalm 
119:105). God’s word is a “Go, yield, and stop sign all in one.” When I was an adolescent, I was outgoing and very adventurous. I had a friend named “JoJo.”

He also was very adventurous but was more extreme compared to me. He was always asking me to cross the line into dangers that could get myself or both of us in trouble. He used to use the same words against me to get me to act.

The words “What’s stopping you?” I heard it over and over. Those words usually were followed by the words, “Stop being a scaredy cat, or stop being a wimp” were beating on my eardrum. Pressure to fit in makes you take dumb chances in life.

Hanging out with the wrong crowds can produce horrible consequences that are hard to untangle your personality from. How many times has someone dared you to do something you knew wasn’t a good idea? The Bible tells us these words,

33} “Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners. 34} Awake to righteousness, and sin not; for some have not the knowledge of God: I speak this to your shame.” (1 Corinthians 15:33-34 KJV).

[Paul writing through the Holy Spirit’s leading cautioned us to be careful in our friendships and business relationships. If you spend a lot of time hanging around those who don’t believe in Jesus or bend the truth, they may influence you to doubt your own beliefs.]

There’s not a greater example of this today in our so-called higher learning colleges. Indoctrinated minds are no different than someone playing truth or dare with you with a half-broken bungee cord asking you to jump off a bridge.

Once they get you to accept it, they continue to manipulate you into doing other things that shape your mind like theirs is. God has given us truth, so we don’t have to accept lies that bend or distort what truth really is. (John 8:

Today our country is trying to have a melting pot of truth and errors. You cannot create a wonderful spiritual recipe of truth if lies are also in the pot. God is pure and holy. His stands alone among false religions.

Jesus himself is the truth that sets us free (John 8:36). He is the source of truth, the perfect standard of what is right. He frees people from continued slavery to sin, from self-deception, and from deception by Satan.

So many people are unaware of Satan’s wicked schemes in this country. He brings counterfeit religions and throws them into the pot of deception in this country. (2 Corinthians 2:11; Isaiah 32:
5-7; Proverbs 12:2; Romans 10:1-4).

Jesus clearly shows us the way to eternal life with God. Thus, he does not give us freedom to pursue harmful actions or dangerous beliefs but freedom to have new and overflowing life as we follow him (John 10:10).

Human effort, no matter how sincere, can never substitute for the righteousness God offers us by faith. The only way to earn salvation is to be perfect. Of course, that is impossible. We can only hold out our empty hands and receive salvation as a gift.

True authentic born-again Christians should use church discipline and doctrine to help keep the church free from false beliefs and harmful practices. Counterfeit religions can hurt communities.

In this country today, there are some churches that have intermingled with erroneous doctrines that dilute the church spiritually. The true word of God should be used to help wayward people repent (Hebrews 4:

Here’s a question to all my unsaved friends around the country, “What is stopping you from surrendering your heart and life to Jesus Christ?” Many people give a number of excuses as to their hesitation of excepting Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Many gave Jesus the same excuse when he walked on the earth. Let’s look at a few examples Jesus spoke about. Jesus was determined to go to Jerusalem to speak about the Kingdom of God.

In his traveling, he was going to go through Samaria, but the Samaritans would not allow them to cross through Samaria because they disliked the Jewish people. Jesus would teach his disciples a lesson on his redemptive plan.

54} “And when his disciples James and John saw this, they said, Lord, wilt thou that we command fire to come down from heaven, and consume them, even as Elias did?

55} But he turned, and rebuked them, and said, Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of. 56} For the Son of man is not come to destroy men’s lives, but to save them. And they went to another village. (Luke 9:54-56 KJV).

Jesus came to save the very people who reject him. He wants those who live in unbelief and blindness to know he loves them more than they could ever understand. He went to the cross and gave up his life for you and for me.

As he continued to travel, he met some individuals who made half-hearted commitments to following him. Please read these verses and see if they remind you of yourself.

57} “And it came to pass, that, as they went in the way, a certain man said unto him, Lord, I will follow thee whithersoever thou goest. 58}And Jesus said unto him,Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head.

59} And he said unto another,Follow me.But he said, Lord, suffer me first to go and bury my father. 60} Jesus said unto him,Let the dead bury their dead: but go thou and preach the kingdom of God.

61} And another also said, Lord, I will follow thee; but let me first go bid them farewell, which are at home at my house.62} And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.” (Luke 9:57-62 KJV).

If this is your first time reading these passages, Jesus is not saying that people should not attend to their loved ones in funeral preparations. Jesus himself was involved in funerals. Read about Lazarus and his family. (John 11:11-44).

[Jesus would often give commands to people in light of their real motives. Perhaps this man wanted to delay following Jesus and was using his father as an excuse. Following Jesus has a cost, and we must be ready to serve him at all times.]

Today many people in 
2023 use all manner of excuses for not allowing Jesus to be Lord of their lives. Sometimes it’s financial security. Why commit to Jesus if you have everything you need, right?

But the Bible has many things to say about people trapped in the wealth security stronghold. (Proverbs 21:
20-21; 1 Timothy 6:9-11; Matthew 19:20-26). How do riches get in the way? Many who become wealthy have relied on their own efforts, drive, and focus.

Through skillful enterprise, they have accumulated money and power. To lay these values and drives at Jesus’ feet would be very difficult for them. This is just one of many obstacles Satan uses against people to keep their hearts from following Jesus.

Is God against wealth? No, he created it. There were many in the Bible God allowed and blessed them to accumulate wealth. Solomon, Abraham, Jacob, Job, and David, just to name a few had great wealth.

I’ve always said, God doesn’t mind you having wealth, he just doesn’t want the wealth (stuff) to have (control) you. Remember, we carried nothing into this world, and we can carry nothing out.

Anything you put ahead of your soul is unwise and dangerous. Please read aloud to yourself Jesus’ powerful words about your soul. There is nothing on earth more valuable than yourself.

24} “Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. [25] For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.

[26] For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” (Matthew 16:24-26 KJV).

Is there anything in your life more valuable than your soul? Anything holding you back from committing your life to Jesus is a trap Satan will use to destroy your soul and have you miss eternal life.

[Anyone can enter the Kingdom as God graciously brings them in. When they become followers of Jesus, they will want to share their wealth in God’s service. Has faith in yourself or your money become excess baggage that you need to lay aside?]

But wealth is not the only obstacle in the way of eternal life for us humans. Simple unbelief will keep you out of heaven. (Isaiah 30:
8-10; Matthew 8:38; 13:57-58; Mark 9:24; John 16:8-13; Hebrews 3:12-19).

Some people want soothing words of comfort and reject words about sin, wrath, and repentance. I’ve been to some churches where the leadership is told to never speak about sin or hell. They are referred to as “Feel good churches.”

It doesn’t matter if sinful activities are running rampant in the church, the pastor is being paid to preach only good things to the ears of the paying congregation. In this sad setting, sinners come in the door trapped, and leave trapped at the end of services.

God’s prophets brought depressing news, but truthful because of the people’s sinful lifestyles. In their desire to find security, they wanted to hear only good news. They did not welcome the truth from God’s prophets.

[Often the truth makes us uncomfortable. We prefer lies or illusions when they make us feel more secure. But to face reality is much better than to live a lie. Don’t settle for words that make you feel comfortable but are not true.]

Of course there is more than just money or unbelief that can cause people to stop or pause their commitment to allow Jesus to be Lord and Savior of their life. Here’s an important list in (Revelation 21:

Even the religious people today are stopping themselves from entering into God’s Kingdom. Here’s a question for those who believe all religions and the three or four books’ people hold too, The Bible, Quran, Torah, and some include the book of Mormon.

Jesus was rejected by the Jewish religious establishment during his life on earth. But if all religions and faiths are the same, then why would Jesus speak these words in (Matthew 7:
13-29). If there are many ways to God and heaven, then why would Jesus speak this.

Many people favor the wide road that leads to destruction, even though they know it’s not the way, truth, and life to eternal life. Saul (later named Paul) was a very religious man until he met Jesus on the road to Damascus.

If Saul’s religion (The law) was enough to please God, then why did Jesus have him knocked off his horse and then walk in blindness until God sent him Ananias. (Acts 9:
1-17). Notice at the end of Saul’s ordeal he received the Holy Spirit.

If all religions are acceptable to God, then why didn’t Jesus speak words of approval to what Saul was doing? Why didn’t Jesus say to him, “Well done good and faithful servant.” Because Saul was not a true believer.

The Bible speaks of people like Saul in this way,
(2 Timothy 3:1-4). “Having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. (2 Timothy 3:5 KJV). The appearance of being religious includes being a good person.

I’ve spoken to many good people in my lifetime who exhibit moral behaviors in agreement with our culture. They tell me as long as they are good and never hurt or murder anyone, they think that is enough to enter heaven.

But if they would pick up a Bible and read it, they would see that that is not a qualified requirement for eternal life. Only a living relationship with Jesus Christ (who alone died for our sins) can secure our eternal security.

If we could get to heaven based on our own goodness (our own commandments) then why did Jesus have to leave heaven and come to earth to die for us? If we had enough power to remove our own sins then yes, he could have just stayed in heaven.

But he took the most vicious beating in history because we couldn’t do it ourselves. We were all trapped in eternal damnation because the seed of Adam and Eve was passed down to all of us. Therefore, we are all walking around spiritually dead.

Some people who seem religious might go to church, know Christian doctrine, and follow a community’s Christian traditions. Such practices can make people look like Christians, but if they do not profess Jesus as Lord and Savior, they are not following him.

So, how do you tell the real from the pretenders? Eventually their daily behavior will give them away, and over time, it will be clear that they have placed their hope not in God but in their ability to try and be their own god.

Jesus said it this way in (Matthew 7:
15-20; 23:27-28). Paul mentions it this way in (Romans 8:1-17). This is what Paul understood when writing most of the New Testament. (Romans 5:10-12; 6:1-14; 1 Peter 3:18).

Our country is certainly headed away from God instead of drawing near to God (James 4:
7-10). People might say, “Where’s the evidence pastor Todd?” Well, look at the percentage and decline of those who say they no longer believe in God.

Also, everything the nation thought was taboo and sinful now is accepted as normal. We live in the “if it feels good do it” age. We have placed the commandments of God and our countries “In God we trust” on the moral shelf to collect dust.

We call Evil good and good evil. Decency used to mean things in respect for each other. Today, bathrooms are invaded, schools have forgotten what real education looks like, the sanctity of marriage and vows have been discarded.

Here are some reasons why people have stopped attending church or keeping a belief in God or Christianity. According to a 
2022 Pew study, people identifying as Christian have decreased from 90% of the U.S. population in 1972 to 64% in 2020.

But this is not just worldly statistics bringing this out, there are leaders throughout churches seeing this decline. Since 
2020, the hashtag “#exchristian” had 696.7 million cumulative views on TikTok. 

There were also 68,
600 posts on Instagram. When looking specifically at evangelicalism, the numbers nearly double. The hashtag “#exvangelical” was viewed 1.1 billion times on TikTok and was assigned to 105,000 posts on Instagram.

Satan is really busy at making hearts cold towards God and his word. There are many people who attend church but never take personal time to read on their own. They become like the seed Jesus spoke about in (Matthew 13:

Some so-called pastor called leaving Christianity a fun sexy thing to do. Wow! It sounds like this pastor is being deceived and spreading his deception to the minds in his congregation. Satan is busy trapping people throughout social media.

But today’s title message “What’s stopping you?” is pretty easily explained when you use God’s word (The Bible) as your guide. Many people are running from religion because it hasn’t fulfilled their expectation of who God is and why they don’t feel he is there for them.

Religion is absolutely different than Christianity. When you break down the religion in sects, you find some beliefs that seldom include the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts being active in the church. Many pastors don’t speak about the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Paul wrote about gifts of the Holy Spirit in 1 Corinthians chapter 12 and 14. In between those two chapters Paul brilliantly stated that these gifts mean nothing in the church if they are not soaked in love. (1 Corinthians 13:

Many denominations, Protestant, Catholic, LDS, Anglican, Jehovah witness, and other groups categorized as Christian have vastly different teachings and doctrines that dilute God’s truth and dismiss the Holy Spirit’s involvement in the church.

Jesus told his followers “Without me you can do nothing.” (John 15:
1-5). But the true church of God can also do nothing without the Holy Spirit running it. That’s why the disciples were told to wait until the day of Pentecost took place.

Imagine if those 
120 people in that room had decided to go out through Jerusalem and Samaria and to other parts of the world without being filled with that power Jesus spoke about in (Acts 1:8). I’ll tell you what would happen.

They would have been defeated just like the seven sons of Sceva in (Acts 19:
13-20). This is what is going on in many churches today. They are absent of power with the authority of Jesus Christ without the Holy Spirit in their midst.

Did you know that a person cannot be saved without the Holy Spirit? When faith is believed in the heart, and one turns from sin (repents) and ask for forgiveness of those sins, then God immediately sends the Holy Spirit into their life (Romans 10:

This is what Jesus spoke about when he told Nicodemus, “You must be born again.” (John 3:
3-7). Notice the words Jesus said in verse 5. You can read aloud to yourself or your small group that are members of “TRY JESUS.”

“Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. (John 3:5 KJV). Being born of water and the Spirit refers to the physical birth (water-being in the womb).

But there is also the spiritual birth, where the Holy Spirit (Spirit) is sent to indwell the new believer in Christ. It is also defined as being regenerated by the Spirit. It is then a physical symbol when someone is submerged through water baptism.

Nothing or no one can stop you from coming to Jesus. If you are doubting Christianity or doubting if God exists, then Satan is the one who has set up the road block in your mind (2 Corinthians 4:

Never blame others for any doubts you have whether Jesus is real and alive. Never blame hypocrites for why you won’t believe in Jesus. When you die there will be no one standing next to you to point the finger at.

Jesus has everything you need for a new life. (Titus 3:
3-7). Nicodemus obviously knew about the Old Testament and the book of Ezekiel. God promised to give a new heart and a new spirit to the faithful (Ezekiel 36:25-28).

Jesus was explaining the importance of a spiritual rebirth, saying that people enter the Kingdom not by living a better life but by receiving a new life from God.

Here are some mindful thoughts that the enemy (Satan) have kept them from coming to the knowledge of the truth. (John 8:
31-32). Their beliefs are as such. Agnosticism, Atheism, Unbelief, Paganism, Spiritualism, Universalism, Judaism.

These are just a few mind beliefs that can keep the light of truth from excepting that Jesus himself said these words,
“Jesus saith unto him,I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” (John 14:6 KJV).

There are countless founders of different religions all over the world. Satan is the counterfeiter of the ones that are fake. We’ve heard those two words in the political sphere. Fake news.

But I’m not here today to disagree with the political and media realm. I respect them and admire the true journalists and politicians who are sincerely trying to bring truth. Jesus came to defeat the devil and save the lives of lost souls.

Many religious people don’t even recognize Satan as their enemy. I’ve spoken to many religious people who don’t even believe there is an evil presence in the world. My first response is do you ever read the Bible?

Jesus talked about Satan, demons, sin, and hell more than heaven. So, before we close on this morning’s long sermon, I still want to ask the question again to all the undecided, half-way, running away mindset people, “What’s stopping you from coming to Jesus?

Is it family? Is it money? Is it a dating relationship your afraid you might lose if you ask him/her to go to church? Is it your career? Maybe your fearful of what others might think. Well, my friends, Jesus doesn’t allow for excuses to enter his Kingdom.

Remember, he has a right to set the rules and commandments for entrance into his home. He gave his life to a brutal beating for me and you. So, whatever is stopping you from realizing what he did, it will be the very thing that will condemn you.

Again, read it to yourself.
35} “For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel’s, the same shall save it.

36} For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? [37] Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? (Mark 8:35-37 KJV). How much is your religious belief worth?

Many in this nation believe there is a God. But when you begin to ask them what is he like? What do you know about him? Do you actually know him? Many people have misunderstood or misinterpreted who the God of the Bible is.

When you want to know about a great author or writer, typically, what do you do to gain more insight into the mind and life of the author? You could read his autobiography.

Have you ever heard someone in life say, “While I’ve never met this person (author- writer) I feel as though I know him.” Don’t many of you in this country have neighbors like that?

You know of them, but you really don’t know them. Not until you get to really know them (spend important time), then they will be questionable to you. The same can be said of the God of the Bible.

Many people have fallen for a false Christ because they haven’t taken the time to open their heart to the Jesus of the Bible. They allow others to come and introduce them to a false religion and wrong doctrinal teaching.

Some of these incorrect doctrinal teachings come from translations that are spiritually corrupt and have been introduced by Satan to bring confusion and division into the church. Many of you have been searching for years.

You have been running from church to church, doctrine to doctrine, teaching to teaching, but still never met Jesus. You are like the young man who was born blind. John chapter 9.

You have to read the whole powerful beautiful chapter to see the progression from religiosity to relationship of knowing who Jesus was. Stop at verse (11, 17, *
27-3335-37). Then verse 38,39 is the “crème de la crème.”

It was the truth this man received to know who Jesus really was. He was not just man the opened his blind eyes. He was more than a prophet. The verses with the asterisk are important to see how blind the religious leaders in the synagogue were.

They ran the place. They were supposed to know all about the law and the messianic Savior who was coming and had arrived. But they were more concerned about outward appearance and the power and greed in the community.

The young man even had religious parents who wouldn’t even stand up for him. I mean their own son. They cared more about being kicked out of the synagogue than protecting their son who Jesus had just healed of blindness.

The Pharisees and Sadducees were the ones Jesus said were blind. They could see but not see as clear as the one who knew Jesus. Many pastors preach in the greatest buildings and largest steeples with stain glass and still do not know Jesus.

I did not grow up going to church as a teen. I went to church primarily on Easter once a year and that was it. My parents had a mental belief in God which did help my mom send us to my Aunt Elsie, who truly was born-again.

My mom had a form of godliness that never really translated into holiness living. I’m not judging my mother; I was seeing the fruit that came from her life and my upbringing. As a teen, my house was filled with alcohol, smoking, and house parties they allowed us to have.

There was never Bible studies, prayer time, or attending church on a weekly basis. My outlook may have looked different than my siblings, but I knew more about house parties and girls more than I did about the Bible.

Later in life I think my mom had a talk with her born-again sister and there was a change I saw a number of years before she passed away. I actually was in the hospital with my dad and led him to the Lord in prayer, and then he died right in front of me.

My life was devilish until Jesus saved me at approximately 22 years of age. I vividly remember the day and year because it’s part of my testimony page after my 7-year-old niece Tia died at children’s hospital in Pittsburgh.

I met some real Christians at the age of 17. They were evangelizing and handing out reading material. I had not become a born-again believer at that time. There were some people in downtown Pittsburgh.

Me and my two friends were headed to a club party. Some guy walked up to me and told me Jesus loved me. I looked in his eyes and saw something different about him.

But the enemy that had control over me caused me to curse and swear at him and I told him to get that religious garbage out of my face. I also made every excuse to my friends why I would never go to church.

I would find out a few years later after my seven-year-old niece died of cancer what the true Christian life is all about. I found at that Jesus was real after I repented and asked him to forgive me of my sins.

I also wanted to know if I would see my niece Tia again. I knew that I would one day see her again. Jesus reassured me of that by the vision and dream he showed me. The same evening, I surrendered my heart to him.

The Bible tells us that his word is a lamp unto our feet and a light for this life journey path we are on. Religious people who never pick up the Bible are left to grope around on that same path.

To walk safely in the woods at night, we need a light for protection, so we don’t trip over tree roots or fall into holes. In this life, we walk through a dark forest of evil. But the Bible can be our light to show us the way ahead, so we won’t stumble as we walk.

It reveals the entangling roots of false values and philosophies. We need a light to reach our desired destination. You need to study the Bible so you will be able to see your way clearly enough to stay on the right path.

🗣📢 Last words: Knowing Jesus means taking up your cross and following him. This poses a problem for the religious folks. Why? Because many religious people want to have their cake (the worlds fun), but they also want Jesus.

Sadly, you cannot have both. Jesus said it himself. (Matthew 6:
19-24). Therefore, common sense says choose Jesus over the stuff you crave. Why? Because can’t take it to the grave with you. You came into the world empty-handed, and you will leave it empty-handed.

The writers of the Bible were not cartoon characters writing phony things about an invisible mythical God that was made up to earn riches to the absent minded. They wrote about the living God from their personal, historical, and cultural contexts.

Although they used their own minds, talents, languages, and styles, they wrote exactly what God wanted them to write by the Holy Spirit promptings. We can completely trust scripture because God was in control of its writing.

The words of the Bible are entirely authoritative for your faith and life. (Ephesians 2:
8-10). Its teachings are used to transform you and guide your conduct. In our zeal for the truth of scripture, we must never forget its purpose.

We read the scriptures to know God. Its where we have life through Jesus Christ, and his word equips us to do his will. We should not study God’s word simply to increase our knowledge or to prepare us to win arguments. It’s about knowing Jesus and telling others about him.

After this really long message today, you have no excuse and should allow nothing to stop you from opening your heart wide and saying to Jesus, “Welcome Lord, into this empty vessel.”

There are no yield signs, stop signs, construction signs, or spiritual religious potholes from Satan in the way of someone earnestly seeking to know Jesus Christ. Now is the time. (Hosea 10:12; Hebrews 3:
13-15; Romans 10:13).

🛐 Here’s a prayer you can pray to breakthrough that stop sign of unbelief. “Heavenly Father, I thank you for a much-needed quiver of truths from this message today.

Lord, please help me to actively receive your word into my heart from today’s message. I have been trapped in religion for years and years. I have been running like a rabbit from church to church.

I want a living relationship with you Lord, not a dead lie that keeps me ensnared in Satan’s web of deceit. Let the seed of your word take deep root in my soul and spirit so the devil cannot come and take it from me.

Jesus, let your alive word, germinate in me and take deep root in me until it is attached to my heart. Father, you said no one can snatch me out of your hand. I surrender my life to you.

I’m made new by your living presence in me. I’m now a new creature in Christ Jesus from calling out to you just as Paul said in (Romans 10:
8-13). Therefore, I am new according to your word in (2 Corinthians 5:17).

I am no longer religious and just a Sunday only attendee. But I am called righteous like those who were born-again before me. Thank you, Jesus, for removing my feet from the dead religion of the Pharisees and Sadducees.

I am saved! All the glory to God! Thank you, Jesus, for making me whole and new! In your majestic name I pray, amen.”

“If you would like to know Jesus as your Savior, please read the drop-down page entitled “How to know Jesus.”

📣 Help spread the word by sharing this web site and messages on your platform.

🙏 Please remember to pray for the people in Israel. They are God’s people because of his covenant promises to them. (Genesis 12:1-3; Numbers 6:22-27; 24:8-9). ✝️

♡♡♡ I would ask all the members of the “TRY JESUS” family and those who are connected to other ministries to please pray and intercede for my daughter. She had a seizure today and needs to not procrastinate on forgetting her medication.

She is saved and has a living relationship with Jesus. But there is nothing godly about someone having a seizure. It has no place in God’s care for us. It takes over motor neurological pulses in the mind.

But I firmly believe in what the power of God can do. This is a rare occurrence for her. I know that those who love Jesus will carry this prayer request to other churches and ministries across this country.

I know that prayer warriors and those who fast and pray will uphold my daughter to the throne that Jesus sits on today. Thank you, brothers and sisters, in Christ Jesus who stand united and praying one for another.

I love you all. Thank you. Pastor Todd.

Pastor Todd Boxley

Worship Center Ministry

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