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Sing Worship Together or Come play worship music here for others to Join.
Hi I’m Christine Tyler. Are you moved when singing worship to God or our Savior Jesus? I’m inviting you to Sing Worship with me. All denominations welcome!

Virtual Live Worship Singing!   Let’s sing praise song’s together!

Come Sing Praise Together. Central Time. Sign Up Below. We’re taking a Break. Sign up to be notified when we start up again. All ages. Kids, Moms, Dads and Adults.

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Lord I lift your name up high!

Sing more than 1 hour of Christian Worship Songs.

Tether me lyrics by Music Meets Heaven
Let’s Sing Jesus is Near Together!
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Let’s sing praise and worship together. Zoom or Live it’s all the same to God.  Let’s get together and sing virtually and have some time before to greet each other and a bit of visiting afterwards.

 Our heavenly Father did not mean for us to be alone this much, as we have been since 2020. Alone and isolated. We are meant to be in community, to encourage each other by showing our smiles of love for each other. And this is why I am inviting you to sing live online. Sing worship songs  LIVE online and Interactive with each other. I want us to have the opportunity to have a sense of community and be in an interactive group with other singers.  We will sing both traditional songs and newer songs by well known artists and churches. Songs on this page.

Traditional Christian Songs we Could Sing

How Great Thou Art

Amazing Grace

It is Well With My Soul

1 Hour of well known Christian Songs
Let’s sing it is well with my soul together

Let’s Sing Awake my Soul. Let sing worship together. Sign up.

Meetings will be held Live on Zoom weekly for seven weeks. The seventh & eight week participants who wish to record themselves and submit a video, I will incorporate for a keepsake choir video to be made.

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I’m excited to meet you and begin our singing journey together!  A little about me, I’ve been in music since elementary school.  I played flute, piccolo, and piano.  In college, I switched my music interests to singing.   I’ve been singing in Church Choirs for twenty years in both well know denominations such as Methodist, Lutheran, Salvation Army, and also non denominational churches.   The pandemic caused me to feel like I lost my voice, but then I started singing to YouTube videos. The videos alone don’t makeup for singing Live with others.  I’d like to help us singers connect to help us all feel a sense of community, while singing praises to our Holy Father.

Christine Tyler

O come, let us sing for joy to the Lord,
Let us shout joyfully to the rock of our salvation.
Psalm 95:1

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Sing Worship Songs Interactive Live Starting Jan 2021. You will be notified via Email with Zoom Link. Join and Sing Live in a Zoom Community. Sing Worship Together. YOU May Want a HEADSET during zoom for best experience.


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It’s a beautiful day!
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