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New Bruanfels, Texas. The Hill Country between Austin and San Antonio

Christine & Eric Tyler. Christine is a Christian Author, Artist, & Evangelist

Our mission is to be the Helping Hands of Christ. A ministry to help people build a relationship with God and Jesus.

Join Us online at HHCE. We’d love to know you! Grow your Faith in God! To join our bible life group text ‘joinhhce” to 55498. Bible Group meets Tuesday Evenings 6 pm and Creative Group Thursday’s at 1 pm.

Join Sing Worship at 7 pm CST Tuesdays. Text sing worship to 55498. Or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

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Checkout our Speaking God’s Word Podcast. Bible Scriptures and music

Podcasts found on all major platforms as well as Youtube Video’s.


Fellowship Online in Small Groups.

Tuesday’s 6 pm central time. Scheduled Prayer By Appointment

Tuesday’s 7 pm Sing Worship Together, By Appointment

Thursday 1 PM Central Time. Creative Fellowship

Happy Heart Retreat – Maui May and June 2022, Other dates to be determined.

We welcome everyone to learn or volunteer! Please register on this page so we know your desire. .


I still marvel at how God can connect our Holy Spirit’s the way he does.  God transforms you in your waiting and silence. Seek his word and your Christian Community to help you heal. Seek out comfort through love, receive love, give love. God will show you today’s purpose through him and his people.

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Mathew 6:33. Seek the Kingdom!

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Contact us to join a Home Bible Study, for Prayer, or Volunteer. We are God’s hands and feet. We are a Home Church / Online Ministry. Helping Hands Christ for Everyone, HHCE.

Grow your Faith in God! To receive the zoom link for our online bible group text ‘joinhhce” to 55498. Bible Group meets Tuesday Evenings 6 pm and Create Together Group meets Wednesday’s at 1 pm. All on Central Standard Time.


Helping Hands for Christ Ministry. Certified Nonprofit.

New Braunfels, TX

Small Group Bible Studies.

Creative Christian Art to Raise Money for Food Banks.

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God made this pretty Hill Country view! Scripture: “He is the God who made the world and everything in it…He doesn’t live in man made churches (temples)” …” He satisfies every need” Acts 17:24.