Community Bible Group

Encounter God while connecting to other of his Chosen Ones in a Bible Study. Studies are in Canyon Lake, Texas. Or Zoom.

In Christ we are many, but form one body, and each member belongs to all the others

Encounter the living God while being connected to other believers 

If you’re thinking of joining up Bible study now is the time. You may be thinking that you already go to church on Sundays, or that you study the Bible on your own, or with your family.  God meant for you to Be connected to him in many different ways, including in community where iron can sharpen iron. We can be the iron that encourages each other in our faith.  We can pray to make changes in our families, country, and for God’s favor in our lives.

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Jesus gave us the example of meeting each of us in groups to learn about him and what his Father wants for us

The one who created you longs to keep speaking to you throughout your day, to you directly , or through other Christians.

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  • God is a communicative God
  •  He wants to communicate with you in many ways. He wants to communicate with you within:
  • 1) family structure, the church structure (lecture style), 
  •  2)  with you individually in quiet time,
  •   3) With you and your family.
  • 4) and with you in a small group of communitive believers.  In a small group you will be connected to other believers.   Others will support you in your interest, and through the holy spirit could confirm your direction and purpose.  I encourage you to join!  

Bible Studies

Tuesday    Zoom 2:30 and 6:00 pm   Central Standard Time.  Wimberley, Texas.  Community Time & Quiet Time with God. Subject Become Fearless. We’re going through the bible through the year.  

Wednesday         Live In Person  9:30 am . Central Standard Time.    Canyon Lake,  Texas. Subject First Samuel.

Contact us for the live in person address or for the Zoom Link.

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