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18 And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people. Ephesians 6:18

We wish to pray for your concerns. Please drop us a line below and we will say a prayer as soon as possible. If you wish a response or wish to be a our prayer team please note that in the message along with your phone number. To post a Public Prayer use the Comment Section on this page instead.

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A prayer for world leaders

Here’s a prayer for mercy.

God, You are a God of mercy. Before I ever decided to live for You, You sent Jesus, full of mercy and grace for me. We are asking You to show mercy and to preserve life in every region of this Ukraine Russia war crisis. We are asking for You to soften the hearts of world leaders and bring them to compassionate justice. Please give world leaders Your wisdom. Have mercy on all of us. Amen.

A Prayer for Healing and Financial Need.

Heavenly Father, I praise your name for your promises of healing and an abundant life.   I pray you heal and strengthen Trinidad.  I pray you guide his path, bring provision into his life along with peace that surpasses understanding.  I praise Trinidad for turning towards you for mercy and shelter.  I thank you for acting on this prayer and I truly believe in all your promises.  In Jesus Name Amen.  

A Prayer for Moving Forward from a Past Experience

I’m having a really hard time letting go of a period in my life that was extremely humiliating and embarrassing and it happened in front of a few hundred people and it was the only place in the world that I felt safe and God is showing me that I need to fully let it go in order to move forward in my ministry.

Dear Sister in Christ, I pray for you to be fully healed from this experience.  Scripture says Death and life are the power of the tongue , proverbs 18 and I speak life to you and your ministry , I pray and speak that you will move the plow forward not looking back, not holding on to what hurts for Jesus came to give us an abundant life.  I pray God speaks to you and encourages you, gives you great confidence in his plans for you.   I truly believe in prayer, I have faith in you and the good things the Father has planned for your life.  Thank you Father that you are already acting on this Prayer.  In Jesus Name Amen.

Heavenly Father, I pray for those who are needing help with the legal system or insurance companies.  That you will encourage those that make decisions,  to make ones which favor your son’s and daughter’s.     I ask that you help them in this matter and I truly  believe that you hear my prayer, and will be done.  Thank you for your love and Grace.   In Jesus Name, Amen.

Scripture from Job

You have granted me life and favor,

And Your care has preserved my spirit.

13‘And these things You have hidden in Your heart;

I know that this was with You:

A Prayer for our Nation from Angela

Almighty Father God we have sinned against you and deserve the just punishment for our sins individually and as a nation. We have rejected you in every possible way, but because of your great Love that endures forever. We cry out for your mercy and grace for us, our families and this nation. You said in your word that if we pray to you and repent and turn from the evil we have been doing then you would hear from heaven and forgive our sins. We pray that you would soften our hearts that we would return to the fear of the Lord with humility. Heal our reprobate minds and seared conscience. Help us to rend our hearts with Godly sorrow for our sin in true repentance before you. Open the eyes of our understanding and enlighten us with your knowledge. Write your laws on our hearts so that we don’t sin against you. Give us a hunger and thirst for righteousness. Fill us with your holy spirit. Lord have mercy on this generation. We pray for revival and that America would be allowed to fulfil its destiny. We plead the blood of Jesus Christ over us, our families and this nation. We pray for the peace of Israel and those effected by war, plagues and famine. In Jesus Christ Name Amen

A Prayer for our World in Crisis

God, Our Heavenly Father, you created all things in your wisdom. I lift up our church and its ministry that they may comfort and teach those who need you. I lift up the people that they may have long life, peace, and justice in this world. I pray for for our community and government that they follow your will. I pray for the poor and oppressed that you give them special favor. I pray for the sick, mourning, lonely, that you heal their mind and body so that they may live a full life. I pray that those who have died are remembered for their accomplishments and with thanksgiving, for this is your will. In Jesus Name. Amen.

A Prayer of Praise

Heavenly Father I give you praises, glorify your name, and honor to Jesus for acting on my behalf. I needed help and comfort from _______________________. You heard my prayer, you are faithful and in your perfect will, you came to my rescue today. Because you are all knowing, full of grace, my creator, my protector and you give me blessings I will glorify you and share the story of your abundant love and hope of the resurrection. In Jesus Name, Amen

A Prayer for Marriages and our Relationships with our Loved Ones.

Heavenly Father, you are the Glorious Holy creator of mankind.  God, you bless us with with Marriage, family and our friends.  I pray for every bond you brought together for your good and our pleasure be strengthened under you protection. I pray children, father’s and mother’s will live in harmony as a family. I pray husbands and wives turn toward you and each other even when they fell separated in the bond. That we will use patience, kindness, self control with each other and show each other love and joy. When we fall short, let us always quickly ask for forgiveness. and give forgiveness to prevent us becoming ensnared in the trap of grudges and seperation. I pray blessings upon your people.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

A Prayer for the Health of a Family Member or Friend.

Mighty and merciful God our Father, you’ve healed the sick, you send Jesus Christ to heal and resurrect in your glory and mercy. I praise you everyday. Please send healing and comfort to my Family/Friend ______________. Send wisdom to their Health Care Providers, for any medicine or ancient natural supplements to be blessed and heal. I claim and believe in your promises that you hear my prayers and that your will be done as I pray to you. I pray for my family/friend to be healed, I long for your mercy and healing power. Give me peace too. Make the weak strong, the sick healthy, the broken whole and confirm those who help my family/friend doers of your love. In Jesus Name, Amen.

A Prayer for if You have Anxiety

Heavenly Father, I praise you and am always thankful for your love. I love you! Please give me the spirit of peace, encourage me to turn to you and lay down the fear and anxiety that makes my heart beat uncontrollably. Remind me to turn to you when I feel the fear creep up. Send doctors, naturopaths, wise friends to me who have the wisdom to help me if this is a physical ailment. I believe you will heal me and thank you. In Jesus Name, Amen. Bible Scripture. 1 Peter 5:7 says “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for us”. Just throw it on him, and let him carry your burdens. Jesus said we could cast all of our cares on him because he cares for us! There is nothing we are going through that we cannot cast on the Lord

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6 thoughts on “Contact Us for Prayers or to Pray for Others

  1. Juneva R

    Please pray for complete removal of cancerous tumors from Troy Tomasek’s pancreas, liver and lung. Also pray for the dissolving of the blood clots.

    1. Juneva R,
      In Jesus Name, we ask that Troy be healed completely, for God’s Name be glorified through this healing, for all organs and blood to become normal. For his family and his friends be given peace which surpasses all understanding, for God’s Love to shine through to Troy. Thank you Father for your glorious love and hope. Amen

  2. Sofia H.

    Ross, may god take away your chains of addiction. May he heal you of your obsession and desire to use. May he fill your heart with willingness, strength and courage to get help and turn your life over to him. May he keep you safe and protected and on the path to health. May he touch your heart the way he touched mine, and turn u into the man I know you are.

    I agree with this prayer and I praise God almighty who provides us the Holy Spirit to convict us, heal us, and give us strength. In Jesus Name, Amen.

  3. t

    I ask that you pray for me at work dealing with my co workers , my co worker nash calls me names and when he gets away with it people still like him

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