The words we speak matter.

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Speak words acceptable to God, for uplifting and correcting based on bible principles.

The Words we Speak Matter

Do you see what I’m saying?” is an odd expression, for words cannot be
But, oh the times, when they are “felt” especially when they’re mean
Thoughtless words bring so much pain and wounds that last for years
Causing people to wear a mask that skillfully hide the tears

Self-esteem is stripped away, by a careless, off-hand remark
You can almost see the light go out, as their eyes grow dim and dark
Covered up by “Oh, I’m joking!” is a cop-out through and through
That little “dig” is totally different, when that “dig” is aimed at you

Cliches’ abound, when it comes to words, but one thing is very clear
Words are more than simple sounds that go from ear to ear
Two little words can go a long way to heal what has been broken
But too many times, pride steps in and “I’m sorry” is never spoken

A spoken word can’t be retrieved, it won’t erase or fade away
And often what is in the heart shows up in the words we say
Words can “kill” the inner-man, while the body still lives on
Walking, talking, breathing still, while all their joy is gone

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In the tongue, there’s so much power, there’s life but also death
What good is it to edify, then destroy with your next breath?
Pleasant words are just like honey, sweet to the body and mind
And if we tried, a word in due season, wouldn’t be hard to find

Stop a moment to weigh your words, even if it’s brief
That little pause to stop and think, could eliminate some grief
You can heal from sticks and stones, but words can break the soul
Choosing your words with more concern is something you can control

If we thought, at any moment, our words could be on view
I’ve no doubt, the way we talk, would suddenly be brand new
If we’re measured by our speech, then stretch me for a mile
Let my words encourage others and be the kind that are worthwhile

“Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in
Your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.” Psalm 19:14

“The Words We Speak” – Reposted from Merissa Kelley