Ministry Volunteers Wanted

I’m looking for volunteers who wish to help grow this ministry of sharing God and Christ with the world.    It’s a handful of us who are joined together in fellowship and sharing our Love of Christ with others.  And if you looking to use your talent to do the same, please contact me.   Have the satisfaction of helping your community and becoming involved in God’s ministry of Worship.

If you have an hour or more to help grow our Ministry please contact me and let me know your talent.   God’s Blessings to You!





Easter Story Message of Jesus This message has been adapted from Life Church and Fresh Life Church. Reference: (Fresh Life Church | The Show Must Go On | Pastor Levi Lusko | Easter People, pt. 1) In God’s Providence, I had, we had, been planning to spend the weeks between now and Easter really getting …

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Battling Your Mind to Choose Love

Are You Mindful of Choosing Love? Are you lovable?  Are you mindful to love God and Others? The title of today’s message is Battling Your Mind to Choose Love.   Prayer – Let us open with prayer.  Heavenly father, thank you for those listening or watching (and reading) this message.  They are seeking your word and a relationship with you.  Open …

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