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A Child’s Wonder of Creation

The 7 days of creation are uniquely described in poetic children rhymes. One for each day. Enjoy reading to your child about God’s miracles and begin a conversation with your child on our beginning. On the seventh day God rested. Our lives are busy. We don’t always allow for proper rest to prevent stress, reconnect with our family and God. The author designated several pages to rest, to help instill in children the blessing and rule of the seventh day of rest.

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Become Fearless

Hi I’m Christine Tyler a Christian Artist and Author.  I live in Texas and Hawaii.  God put it on my heart to help people strengthen their faith, to be devoted followers of Christ .

You can sign up to join me for a Create Together Art Fellowship on Thursdays 1 pm CST..  Or scroll below to purchase the Book Become Fearless, go through the excercises and free your life today of the world’s stress which causes fear and anxiety. Blessings to you!

Enjoy a new freedom of Living Your Life by the Blessings God has for you. Buy the book BECOME FEARLESS…A creative journal to build your relationship with God. 

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Send your Review Here. Hi I am thankful that you are here. That means you’ve read my book Become Fearless, The Power of God. Please contact me to review BECOME FEARLESS or to give me friendly advice. Christine Tyler

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Thanksgiving Prayer & Scriptures on Thankfulness

A THANKSGIVING PRAYER : CAN I GET A WITNESS AND AN AMEN SOMEBODY? ~ by JUBAL JOHNSON  Heavenly Father, as families gather together this week for Thanksgiving, we pray for Supernatural Breakthrough in the lives of family members across the United States of America and around the world. We speak RESTORATION to broken family relationships …

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God’s Word Heals Us.

“Jehovah Rapha and your Double Edged Sword!” – Deborah Waldron Fry I totally was going another way today for my post, but the Holy Spirit interrupted me. There is someone tonight who has been praying for a healing. Either for yourself or another in your life. God is coming to you as Jehovah Rapha, or …

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