It’s best to wait on God’s Timing and not ours.

I personally have a hard time sticking to one thing at a time. My friends used to call me a “person who wears many hats”. As I look back, I was searching for something new or better when I already was living a good life. I would here God whisper encouragingly to “live life” or “focus on my daughter” but back then I just wasn’t content. I found this great article from

Rhema Trayner that describes me perfectly. It stopped me in my tracks and reminded me to live on Gods timing and not mine. I hope this article will help you.

Blessings my Friend,

Christine Tyler


It had been a year already of pruning, dealing with hard things, zero opportunity, no public ministry, just me and God dealing with my heart. At one point towards the end of the first year I could barely take it anymore. I wanted to be “useful”. I wanted to “do something”. I wanted “theme promise”.

I was considering shifting to another ministry where I knew I had the connections to “do something” important again… but it would have been completely outside of calling. It would have been purely out of desperation. God still had more to do in me, I wasn’t finished dealing with my idols. I wasn’t ready to carry what he wanted to hand me. Fear makes us force doors open outside of God’s timing, but doors we open with our gift have to remain held open in our own strength.

Thankfully God had mercy on me in my immaturity. As I was thinking about my plans God interrupted me and took me into a vision. First, I saw a rocket ascending into the atmosphere and looking down at the Earth from space. I had a foreknowledge that I was the rocket. Next, I was standing in an empty room with white walls. A projector was casting an image on the wall of the same scene I had just seen in person in the first part of the vision.

Then God said to me “If you make your own way you will have an ILLUSION of influencing the world, but if you wait for what I am going to give you, you’ll actually do it.” As I was processing what I saw I heard a song coming from my bedroom. My husband was singing a prophetic song by himself “you’re a rocket, you’re a rocket….”. This moment marked me for the rest of my life. I learned not to rush the process. It was 6 more months before God said anything else future related to us.

There is always a temptation to exit the wilderness before your time. I know how difficult it feels to remain in the hard places, but do it anyway. These seasons form us. Trust God’s timing!