The miracle of Prayer and Multiplication


Through the years I have prayed for people according to Scripture and have seen amazing miracles. There is one kind of miracle I have seen about three times (that I know of) and that is a multiplication miracle. Deuteronomy 28:6 says, “Your basket and your kneading trough will be blessed.” In a way, this is saying that you will have plenty of food in your cupboards. Your kitchen will be blessed, and you will have enough food to eat. Just be faithful to God and watch His provision come.

I love Deuteronomy 28. It really is the signpost of what God wants to do in your life. If you continue on the path of life, which is Jesus Christ, many such blessings will come upon you. I also love the story of how Elijah sat by the brook Cherith, where he was sustained miraculously by meat brought to him by ravens. When the water ran dry, God suddenly moved him. He then went to Zarephath where God used a widowed woman to feed him (see 1 Kings 17).

The miracle that took place in that strange land sustained not only the prophet but also the widow and her family. Miracles, to me, are always a signpost of the great power of the God we serve. Acts 2:22 says, “…Jesus of Nazareth was a man accredited by God to you by miracles, wonders and signs, which God did among you through Him…” Jesus said in John 14:12, “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in Me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these…” We must expect signs, wonders and miracles to follow the Gospel. If you do not, you can repent and ask God to convince you of His great power.

Many years ago, I was ministering in the northern towns of England when a man came to me and I began to prophesy over him. The night I prophesied, we were in the middle of a major storm that had flooded many towns. I was praying for this man in Carlisle. I declared that God was about to move in his life in a powerful way so that his cupboards would be very blessed. I declared that he would have so much food, he would have enough to give away.

The next day the floods were so bad in that town that he became a volunteer who helped people in their devastation. He worked all day and very hard. Some of the leaders took notice of his work and wanted to bless him. They went to his house with food. There was so much food that all of his cupboards were filled, and he had enough to give to many of his friends. This man knew that God had spoken to him.

My ministry has expanded to many areas of the earth, including Africa. I have seen many miracles on that continent. I love the miracle-working power of our God. My expectation is that when I go in the name of the Lord, miracles will happen. I don’t try to figure out what those miracles will be before I go. I just ask the Lord to allow me to be a witness of His power. My intercessors are always praying this as a I go.

In Africa in 2020, just before COVID came, I was traveling with my friend, John Oscar, across Tanzania. We had rented an SUV and were driving from Mbeya to Kilimanjaro. We ministered in many of the towns in between. This was a long drive – about sixteen hours. There was a lady that John knew living somewhere in the middle of that drive who prepared a meal for us. She was radical in her generosity. She gave us the best that she had and even gave us gifts of blankets and clothes. Tanzanians like to give each other fabric which can be used to make clothing. I have many shirts that were made from the cloth that was given to me on these trips.

The woman had needs and I prayed for her, but I prophesied that God was going to move in a powerful way in her life, and that God would give her many things. Almost immediately God began to move, and she was given land that she then planned on using for a church. My understanding is that much favor came upon her, and she is a rich woman now. She helps build churches in that nation. Multiplication of resources began to take place in her life. She gave out of her need and God did the miraculous.

Just two weeks ago, I was traveling across Pennsylvania. I was with my friend, Bob Pyle, who set up an evangelistic tour across Pennsylvania and New York State. We had to drive close to 2,000 kms on that trip. The first day we stopped at a widow’s house who had seen many miracles in her life and in her ministry. Her husband, who passed away last year, was a faithful minister and had seen revival take place in Jamaica over a three or four year period.

We stopped at her house around 11:30 AM and she fed us. As I sat there, I was reminded of the miracle that took place in Africa with the woman who had been generous, and how after she experienced miraculous provision. I took this as a prophetic sign that God wanted to do the same with this widow. I began to pray and declare that she would be blessed and that her cupboards would be blessed. We had a sweet time of fellowship. I also prayed and saw deliverance in that house with one of her friends.

The very next day, a miracle took place in that woman’s house. She lived in a small village in the middle of the mountains of Pennsylvania. A person from her town went to Walmart and bought her hundreds of dollars’ worth of stores for her cupboards. The widow was confounded because she told no one about what had been prayed. Her cupboards were filled with blessing. She told us that she had used her last resources to pay for our meal. We had no idea she had done that. As a result, God was faithful, and an overflow came into her life. She has a testimony of supernatural provision and multiplication.

I pray for you today that you will see your own miracles. I declare over you today that you will have faith for your own miracles, and this will be replicated in the lives of many of the people that you meet. Jesus is the same today, yesterday and forever. He is faithful and you will experience the faithfulness of God.