When you Feel Weary there is Hope

My apologies, Brothers and Sisters, I’ve been away from my ministry for several months. I’ve had a death in my family, my mom passed away. I have been in a season of mourning, waiting on God to return the Joy back in my life. Remember, He is always “close to the broken hearted” and will strengthen you to carry on.

Christian Brothers and Sisters, when you feel weary, there may be a feeling of depression or loneliness which wants to creep in your soul. After acknowledging those feelings, and acknowledging the reason for the feelings just briefly, turn away from that darkness and move close to our Father. Remember that you have a creator, a God who loves you, knows you, and is ready to lift you up in strength if you just ask.

Your spirt will be lifted up if you ask for strength, for healing, for joy. Or you could ask God what to do next and ask for wisdom, or even ask for him to send a friend who could help you. He may even answer you with a call to action such as guide your to call a friend or go to church.

My cousin shared a story with me. She was very depressed because her husband was an alcoholic and wasn’t coming home regularly, she heard from God, his voice told her to go to Church. She was terrified at first to be contacted this way, she turned to our Father, and to today she has a very successful marraige. In fact, whatever you feel in your heart, if this is encouraging, you should do this. The feeling is most likely the Holy Spirit guiding you to the solution or the path you need to take. Just make sure the thing in your heart meets Bible principle and meets the wisdom test. For example, if your under age and want to fly to a far off country and your Parents don’t agree, this will be your own selfish desires and is against God’s word.

Also, if you are weary and need of Hope. 1) Get outside of your own head, and be a light by helping others. When we are helping others we are certainly able to become more refreshed. Helping others could be as simple as calling your friends and family who need someone to hear them out. Helping others could be as simple as donating your time, talent, or resources to a need in your community. 2) Spend more time reading God’s word. Daily is recommended. This would help you feel our Heavenly Father’s presence easier if you have a scripture to anchor your thoughts to.

Much Love and Blessings to you! Christine Tyler

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