Bless a Mom andThe Lost Sparrow Children’s Home

Hi Friends and Readers, my good friend Lauren is raising money for a mom in India who rescues children on the street and takes care of them as her own, as well as teaches the kids the Bible as part of their education. Her detailed story is below. As you read, will you ask God if you should be blessing them with a donation? Christine Tyler – Helping Hands Ministry

Hi friends! This Mother’s Day,our family wants to invite you to partner with us in serving the poor through our non-profit organization, The Potter’s Hands. We want to help a fellow momma and sister in Christ that is caring for nine children, two her own and seven rescued. She is used to living far below the poverty level with a humble and primitive lifestyle. Cooking meals over a fire. Using candlelight when electricity is out. Washing clothes by hand. Preparing food daily because there is no fridge or storage. This primitive way of caring for the home and family can become difficult when taking in seven orphans. There is no foster care or welfare system in XXXXX India, so many children get sold into slavery or die in the streets of starvation and sickness. As would have been the case for each one of these children. The majority of them were in line to be sold, a couple of them abandoned to the slums since they were toddlers. XXXXX and Pastor XXXXX, with the help of Lost Sparrow Ministries, now have a fully and legally established children’s home for their growing family called Lost Sparrow Children’s Home . By God’s grace and the faithfulness of His people, we have been able to provide the building, school supplies, clothes, food and other basic necessities for the children, including a loving family and safe place to live. Today, as a Mother’s Daygift to Lost Sparrow Children’s Home, we would like to contribute funds to help them run more efficiently by providing the following: One helper for Archana (Monthly donation) One refrigerator One stove One armoire for kid’s clothes One washer machineIf you would like to take part, The Potter’s Hands and other local artisans are distributing handmade artwork for sale with 100% of contributions going to Lost Sparrow Ministries. These would make great gifts to moms, children, friends, or new babies. You can either contact Lauren for more info on the artwork or if you just want to give a donation: Please go to and click donate which will route you to our Potter’s Hands payment system, or you can scan this QR Code with your phone: Please pray for the Indian people and our Indian Sister Church, that the gospel be preached throughout all the many people groups in this part of the world. May His kingdom come and His will be done. Blessings and thanks, Lauren and Matthew XXXXX. Bless a mom in need for Mother’s Day!