I’m Counting Them All : Prodigals Returning
Chris Bennett

This morning, quite early for me, I awoke with these words ringing in my ears – “I counted them all out, and I counted them all back!” I well remember this comment, made from the deck of an aircraft carrier during the Falklands War in 1983. The reporter counted the planes as they left and he counted them again as they returned safely!

I was wondering about this when the Lord interrupted my thoughts. “My prodigals and back-sliders – I counted them all as, one by one, they left. Now is the season for Me to count them again as they come back to Me! I am calling the prodigals and back-sliders! I am wooing them back into the Kingdom fold. Some have strayed so far, but very few have gone too far. There’s always grace and mercy for those who truly repent; those who truly want to come back to Me!”

“Many wrongly believe that I have abandoned them; given them up as lost! And although some have been given over to a reprobate mind, it is even now, not too late for them to repent! The time will come when it will be too late, but that is not yet. I am seeking out those who are willing; those who still remember; those who will turn back again from the road to destruction and death – back to the road of eternal life in Christ Jesus.”

“Even as revival sparks into life in one part of the church, so I am wooing My prodigal children back to another part. I am building My end-time army upon the remnant. As these prodigals return to the church, they will bring their tattoos, their piercings, their broken-ness with them. Do not despise them! For on this Army of broken people will rest a mantle of praise, joy, and healing, and they shall see the miraculous, the resurrections, the move and workings of My Spirit!”, says the Lord.

grayscale photography of people walking near buildings
Photo by Ingo Joseph

“YES”, says the Lord Almighty, “I counted them all as they left, and I will be counting them all as they come back! And My joy shall know no bounds!”