Yes and Amen

white and black moon with black skies and body of water photography during night time

Today I’d like to share my testimony. God talks to us through scripture, friends, and circumstances. Recently my girlfriend Cindi sends me the song “Yes and Amen“. It was a good song i thought. It was a song about our trust in Jesus’s promises and I thought not much about the song as I felt my trust in God’s promises is already very strong. Little did I know that I would have to have blind faith in these promises. I woke up with to distorted vision in the right eye. I could no longer read any letters at all with this eye. Very worried I make a doctor’s appointment. My husband knew this was serious as he stated “you never go to the doctor”. My tuesday Bible Group, my friend and group Leader focussed on verse mapping the scripture “

“One day as he saw the crowds gathering, Jesus went up on the mountainside and sat down. His disciples gathered around him, and he began to teach on the scripture ” When I’m Afraid, I put my Trust in You”. How fitting a scripture that She chose with the Holy Spirits guidance. And yes, I am a bit afraid. Not too much because God is always giving me signs that he is with me and that helps me walk confidently in him. Lol, my Father even had a new visitor, Dorothy who joined our zoom Bible Group. It was the first and only blind woman I’ve ever encountered. Yes and Amen to you God because you give miraculous signs to those who love you. We accommodated Dorothy by being more descriptive and she blessed us by closing us our group by singing a glorious short Hymn. I went to a retinal eye specialist and surgeon. I have schlerosis and a bleeding retina. I had to have a needle put in my eye along with a fluid to stop the bleeding. I’ll need to have this done every 6 weeks for a while. My eye is now bloodshot red and inflamed. I’m a bit in mourning, but I confidently feel blessed and will continue to be God’s Light. Our God is Awesome and I put my trust in him. Can I get a “Yes and Amen”?

Jesus Teaches

The Beauties 

 “God blesses those who are poor and realize their need for him, for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs. God blesses those who mourn, for they will be comforted. God blesses those who are humble, for they will inherit the whole earth. God blesses those who hunger and thirst for justice, for they will be satisfied. God blesses those who are merciful, for they will be shown mercy. God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God. God blesses those who work for peace, for they will be called the children of God. God blesses those who are persecuted for doing right, for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs. “God blesses you when people mock you and persecute you and lie about you and say all sorts of evil things against you because you are my followers. Be happy about it! Be very glad! For a great reward awaits you in heaven. And remember, the ancient prophets were persecuted in the same way. “

Teaching about Salt and Light

““You are the salt of the earth. But what good is salt if it has lost its flavor? Can you make it salty again? It will be thrown out and trampled underfoot as worthless. “You are the light of the world—like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden. No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.”

Matthew 5:13-16 NLT