Damn Break Prophesy

Dam Break – by Dana Jarvis

I heard the Lord keep saying this morning, “The dam is getting ready to break!” I see a great high dam with the water stacked up behind it. I saw water break through this dam and heard the Lord say, I am bursting forth upon your enemy like the bursting forth of water. As you exalt my name, my hand shall move on your behalf. As you lift me up you are going to see me open doors and make ways you have not known, even things you have not dared to ask me for, but this is the season where my power is moving like a mighty flood all around you. This is the season where I am extending my mercy. You will see a mighty demonstration of my Power descend on your life.

Can you hear the rumble in the spirit? Can you hear the rumble in the ground? For now I am moving on your behalf, I am uprooting the enemy out of your destination. Watch and see me as I move against the snake at your gate, against those things that have come against your family, your health, your finances. You watch and see me move.

I am opening up the prison gates! I am opening up the graves! I am opening up new doors! There is a rumble that has already begun. I am unseating old things. Things that have held you captive for years. I am destroying those yokes and breaking those shackles. I am bringing my people to a place of greater freedom and liberty in me.

I am going to use many of you to take this same rumbling in the spirit that you hear and take it to the workplace, take it to the streets and take it to your homes for there is a shaking that is going on in the earth. I am shaking things loose and that which is not of me will fall by the wayside. Those things which is of me will spring forth speedily in this season. It will spring forth miraculously in this season.

The Lord says, “Mark this day down. Put a stake in the ground this day. For there have been things you have prayed for and it seems like for decades. It’s shifting now! Mark down this day! There have been healings you have been crying out for. God says, Mark down this day. There have been family members you have been crying out for.” God says,”Mark down this day for you will see the manifestation quickly now. I have heard and held your prayers.

However like this dam, they are ready to burst forth. Mark down this day!”