Scripture and Christian Song of the Day

Holding the word of God next to your heart will protect you and lead you towards His will. God will talk to you through his scripture. When he does this, pay attention because through the spirit he is talking directly to you. For example, sometimes I’ll have a scripture in my head, hear someone say that scripture and then see it in print from a text I receive.

Be Strong and Courageous Deuteronomy 31:6
Reman in me to bear much fruit. John 15:5
Give thanks, serve with gladness, and come to him with singing! Psalm 100:1

Thanksgiving Prayer & Scriptures on Thankfulness

A THANKSGIVING PRAYER : CAN I GET A WITNESS AND AN AMEN SOMEBODY? ~ by JUBAL JOHNSON  Heavenly Father, as families gather together this week for Thanksgiving, we pray for Supernatural Breakthrough in the lives of family members across the United States of America and around the world. We speak RESTORATION to broken family relationships …

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God’s Word Heals Us.

“Jehovah Rapha and your Double Edged Sword!” – Deborah Waldron Fry I totally was going another way today for my post, but the Holy Spirit interrupted me. There is someone tonight who has been praying for a healing. Either for yourself or another in your life. God is coming to you as Jehovah Rapha, or …

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