Scripture and Christian Song of the Day

Holding the word of God next to your heart will protect you and lead you towards His will. God will talk to you through his scripture. When he does this, pay attention because through the spirit he is talking directly to you. For example, sometimes I’ll have a scripture in my head, hear someone say that scripture and then see it in print from a text I receive.

Be Strong and Courageous Deuteronomy 31:6
Reman in me to bear much fruit. John 15:5
Give thanks, serve with gladness, and come to him with singing! Psalm 100:1


Genesis 3 Perceiving the Truth from the Lie. Genesis 6 Having Faith to do what God asks. Happy New Year!  It’s good to be in 2021, a new year,  and to leave 2020 behind.  So many crazy, wonky events happened in 2020.  Our whole way of life changed.   Let’s all pray that 2021 changes course and improves.   But as a reminder, …

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photo of head bust print artwork

Mindfulness Series #1. The Battle in Your Mind.

Use the Fruit of the Spirit and Prayer for the Battle in your mind. God is guiding me again. I hear the same word over and over from the Holy Spirit. The word is “mindfulness”. This is the subject I should be sharing with you. The daydreams and visons came during my preparation for Christmas …

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